Warning: Never Sleep on the Hotel Pillow

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3 min readJan 20, 2020

If Hotel Walls Could Talk they’d say…”Bring Your Own Pillow!”

EnVy Pillow: 10 Plus Years on the Market and Still a Huge Hit in Bed

The creators of the enVy Ergonomic Pillow announced 7 years ago the availability of its compact enVy-To-Go Travel Pillow that offers the same quality of sleep, spinal wellness and anti-aging benefits of the original well-loved full size ergonomic pillow. This Made in Canada product was designed to offer the user a lightweight, roll-able, compact option for travel. Half the size of the full size pillow BUT just as good in bed. Like the original enVy Pillow, this travel size also continues to help prevent unwanted sleep lines and promotes optimal wellness and comfort by providing proper head, neck and spinal support.

Compact and Portable

Kim Renton, Co-Founder of the enVy Pillow Co., patent holders for all enVy Pillows stated that,

“Traditional travel pillows are not designed with an anti-aging component and most hotels do not provide pillows with neck support. Traditional foam and feather pillows are not ergonomically designed for neck, shoulder and spinal alignment. Sleeping on a substandard pillow for even a short period of time can cause pain, discomfort and sleep deprivation making travel time unpleasant.”

The 1.5 lb. enVy™ To Go pillow has the same revolutionary ergonomic V-shaped design as its ancestor and is made with hypoallergenic Unforgettable memory foam which is resistant to dust mites, naturally anti-microbial and self-moulding. The enVy™ travel comes with its custom fitted Bamboo Pillowcase and a durable satin travel bag allowing the user to easily roll up their pillow for transport and use on route as well as at their destination. New for 2020 : Now offering the option to upgrade to a 100% SILK pillowcase and/or the ability to “Pimp your Pillow” with our new COPPER technology TENCELⓇ infused liner… our Germ-Killing, Anti-inflammatory, Healthy Skin boosting powerhouse!

Chiropractor Endorsed

Chiropractors and Physical Therapists recommend the enVy™ Pillow line to their patients because of its cervical spinal support and advocate the practice of bringing a familiar supportive pillow while away from home. Because we all know that our therapeutic beauty sleep doesn’t go on vacation just because we do!!

“Thank you Kathy and Kim for introducing our clinic to the enVy pillow. It has been a welcome addition to our family. I have been a clinician for over 10 years and I have never come across a product as innovative and exciting as the enVy pillow. It has proven to be beneficial for all age groups; from my 2 young children to my elderly patients. I didn’t think it could get any better, until I heard about the travel size envy. It’s a fantastic product and I am very happy to carry it in my clinic. I recommend it to everyone!”Dr. Sam Calicchia

Anti-Aging Doctor Recommended

enVy Pillow’s Anti-Aging line of products reduces sleep lines, promotes OFF-your-face (and jaw.. great for TMJ sufferers) positioning after cosmetic procedures and maintains the benefits derived after cosmetic surgery. In The Journal of Cosmetic Surgery in 1987, Dr. Samuel J. Stegman stated that “sleep creases” develop due to sleeping on one or both sides. He observed that the lines diminished when pressure was removed from the delicate tissues during sleep. The v-shaped design of the enVy™ Pillow ensures the face is free from compression with its minimal face-to-pillow contact design.

“For years we have educated clients on the need for SPF to protect against premature aging related to the sun. Anti-aging procedures can be costly. It is time we educated our clients on the affects side sleeping can have on the formation of sleep lines and the enhancement of facial asymmetry. enVy® is a ‘must have’ for anyone interested in protecting their face and their investment!” Dr. Sharon McQuillan, Miami Florida

The complete enVy Pillow line can be purchased at more than 400 professional locations including Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Med-Spa, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and Wellness clinics across Canada and the USA . The enVy™ ToGo Travel Pillow retails for around $99.00 plus tax.

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Would you sleep on the pillow that comes with your hotel room?

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Originally published at https://www.envypillow.com on January 20, 2020.